We work in the Bududa, Manafwa and Mbale districts of Eastern Uganda, an area of stifling poverty. Here over 50% of children are born underweight, stunted or wasted. Here only 25% of children complete primary school. Here 1 in 20 people is HIV+. The symptoms of extreme poverty are everywhere and children have an unimaginable start to life.

Shelo was started by a group of people who couldn’t stand to see the depth of child suffering in their community. Shelo was started because there were hundreds of children living on the street on their own with no shelter and no support. Shelo was started because children couldn’t go to school. Shelo was started because children were getting one meal a day if they were lucky. Shelo was started because if a child was lucky enough to go on to complete school, they had no access to further training and were trapped in poverty.

Shelo was started to change all of this.


We believe that every child can have a safe and caring home.

We believe that every child can have enough to eat.

We believe that education changes everything.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live independently.

We believe that the empowerment of girls and women is the key to ending poverty.

Our initiatives are designed by our community, for our community. They come from the local teachers, social workers and health professionals that know what is needed and what will work in this area. We design initiatives that give the most vulnerable children in our community the tools they need to reach their full potential.


Shelo was started in 2006 by four volunteers in Uganda. In 2010 they were joined by a British doctor who formed The Shelo Foundation, a UK registered charity set up to provide the funding for our vital work. Together we work collaboratively to end child suffering in this region of Uganda.


Thomas Stewart

Caroline Kennedy

Jessica Severe

Jenny Herrod


Joshua Wetsenge

Charles Mangongo

Brenda Khaitsa

Joshua Mukhama

Joseph Watulo

Deborah Nanyama

Rachel Akiiki

Kanah Kimono