Over 60,000 Ugandans die from Aids every year, and where we work 1 in 20 are HIV+. What happens to the children whose families that are torn apart by this devastating disease? The lucky ones club up with siblings and struggle, together, to find shelter and food. The unlucky ones without brothers and sisters? They are forced onto the streets, face a high risk of exploitation and abuse and wind up in arranged marriages or child labour. All this, just to ensure they get a meal to eat every day or so that they can afford basic school materials.

“It’s very hard to find a family that hasn’t been personally touched. It’s very hard to find a child that hasn’t seen or witnessed a death related to HIV/AIDS. The extended family in the community has been broken by HIV/AIDS and poverty, and when the burden becomes too great, families are unable to cope, and so we’re seeing huge numbers of orphans and children who are no longer able to be cared for by their family.”

– Joshua Wetsenge, Head of Operations, Uganda


They now have food, a safe home and a school to go to.

Housing & Caregivers

Not only do we find homes for orphans and street children but we also look for caregivers that will provide each child with the love and support they need to reach their full potential. Our caregivers are amazing. They take in desperate children and shower them with love and support. Without them Shelo could not do the work we do. But they need support because they build a new life for each child. We help them provide everything a child needs for a happy, healthy life.

Counseling & Health

Children grieving for dying or dead parents can be stigmatised by association with AIDS. This leads to shame, fear, and rejection. We provide essential counselling to all the children we support and show them that they are, and always will be, a valuable member of society.

Children who are born HIV+ have many added dangers to their health and wellbeing. Without early diagnosis and treatment 80% will die before their 5th birthday. We ensure that every HIV+ child under our care gets access to the essential lifesaving medication, counselling and support they need whilst living as normal a life as possible.


Ketula Sera (seen here with her mother) was born with HIV. Ketula became sick because she had little food and no access to the essential medications she needed. Shelo has helped her gain access to these medications, fed her family and sent her to school. We also work to ensure she has all the support and counselling she needs to live a happy and healthy life with HIV.