Poverty destroys societies. It robs people of dignity, freedom, hope and the power to obtain what is needed for good health and wellbeing.

Without skills-based training, after finishing school people in Uganda end up trapped in extreme poverty. If they have no trade they have no way of providing the basic essentials they and their future family need to survive.

We run a programme to take the orphans and street children we have been supporting and put them through skills-based training when they leave school. By providing tertiary education grants we will set previously vulnerable children on a path to paid work, financial independence, safety and hope.

We will provide grants that will allow children to become the key workers that this community needs; doctors, teachers, nurses and social workers amongst other much needed professionals.

But we cannot do this without your help. Please click on one of the links below to truly liberate someone from poverty.

£30 a month is all it costs to train a carpenter or bricklayer

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£40 a month is all it costs to train a teacher

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£50 a month is all it costs to train a nurse or midwife

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