The weekend is here and that means a time of rest for most of us – but not for our Shelo community in Bududa, Uganda! Saturdays are one of the busiest days for us as we hold our all important Centre day! 

Centre days take place every Saturday, from early morning into the afternoon and are run by our 20 Ugandan volunteers. The team set up in a local school and invite all our Shelo children, as well as their families to come along for the day.

Centre days take place to provide support to our children and their families.

It gives the children an opportunity to get help with homework and our volunteers can provide extra lessons where needed. The children also get the opportunity to play group games at centre days and see their friends. Importantly it also provides the time for the children to discuss any other worries or issues they may have with a trusted friend.


Playing football at a Saturday centre day



Some teaching taking place at our centre day!

Shelo also encourages the whole family to attend centre days and we try to provide some ‘life teaching’, e.g. farming skills, sexual health lessons, for all of the community to benefit from.

The volunteers kindly prepare a nutritious lunch for all the children who attend centre days!

Centre days have been a core part of Shelo’s work for last 6 years and we look forward to continuing this great community gathering for many more Saturdays in the future!