Two months ago 45 of our girls went to a training camp with days for girls. They learnt to create reusable sanitation pads for their menstruation, as well learning about female hygiene and health issues. 

Linda Nakawoya was one of these 45 girls. Linda has since written a letter to the U.K expressing her deepest thanks for allowing her and the other shelo girls to undertake such an invaluable experience.

She Says:-

“It has been very important training in the life of a girl child”

“We were able to learn to express ourselves effectively by talking freely about our health issues as girls”


Linda goes on to say,

“your generous support has enabled us to fit in the community through going to school, having meals at home and at school, looking smart…..we are very grateful!”

We love hearing great news from our children in Uganda and learning how happy they are.

It is the support and donations from you that is allowing us to continue our work making Ugandan children feel happy and safe and giving them the means to create a better life for themselves!

Thank you!

letter-from-lydia-nakawoya-re-sanitation-packs-2016 read Linda’s full letter here!