Shelo and Truro College – growing together!


The Shelo Foundation have been generously supported by students and staff at Truro College for the last number of years. The childcare students have held numerous fundraising events in their college- the most recent beinga bake sale (picture below)- with the help of their lead Jo Orme.

Their efforts have greatly benefited our children in Uganda, but also have been thoroughly enjoyed by the students!

“I can say that we have had great fun raising money for the Shelo Foundation over the past 4-5 years and the events have been rewarding and great for the students as part of the tutorial system. We have used the experiences for the students to consider the wider world as part of equality & diversity. They have developed their organisational skills and been able to demonstrate working together co-operatively. This is really important for students going into both working with children in Pre-Schools and Schools but also any considering working in community groups as they were able to consider the needs of these children who live in very different circumstances to themselves.I have enjoyed supporting the Shelo Foundation and have had very good experiences from you all!”


TRUROcollege cheque presentation

Students of Truro College and Jo Orme presenting cheque to Shelo’s Caroline Kennedy and Jess Severe