Back to School!

January is always a busy month for our Shelo Children as it is back to school time!

With the new calendar year comes the beginning of the new school year and all the excitement that entails- new class, new books, new pens and for some even a new school!

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Music, football and fun in Exeter!

Exeter’s Shelo fundraising committee have been up to all sorts in recent months! The brilliant team have been organising events to raise money to ensure Shelo children continue in education and have sufficient nutrition.  Read more

Shelo and Truro College – growing together!


The Shelo Foundation have been generously supported by students and staff at Truro College for the last number of years. The childcare students have held numerous fundraising events in their college- the most recent beinga bake sale (picture below)- with the help of their lead Jo Orme.

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Plymouth’s Shelo Fundraising Committee

Our fundraising committee in Plymouth have been extremely busy this year with lots of events taking place! The team have raised a wonderful £1018.96 in the last 5 months. Read more

A-maize-ing news

Firstly, I am very sorry about the terrible pun. But I was just so excited to hear the news from our team in Uganda that they had their first harvest from the seeds Shelo distributed earlier this year! Read more

A gift for all of our girls

Becoming a teenager can be really tough. All of those hormones can be a lot to contend with and for our girls in Bududa, it is even tougher when they don’t have ready access to feminine hygiene products. Read more