A great year for the Shelo Committee in Exeter!

University of Exeter’s Shelo Foundation committee have done great fundraising over the year! They rounded up this academic year with a rugby 7s tournament for students! Read more

The reports are in!

First term school reports have been received for our secondary school students and we could not be prouder!  Read more

They have done it!

Following on from our previous post on the wonderful work of the Days for Girls charity, we are so proud to tell you all about our 45 Shelo girls who have completed their two day training course with the charity in Uganda!  Read more

Shelo Summer Blues Festivities!

It was a perfect sunny day at Hythe and Saltwood sailing club to host a summer, fun-filled fundraiser for the Shelo Foundation!  Read more

Earn money for Shelo as you shop…it’s easy!

Do you shop online? Now you can earn money for charity with each online purchase AT NO EXTRA COST!! Read more

5 more Days…what would you do?

You can accomplish an awful lot in 5 days, but equally a lot can be missed.

Not having sanitary supplies means many girls around the world miss up to 5 days of school each month. This can result in girls missing up to two whole months of their education! In Uganda this is a problem for many young girls and women who try to use anything they can find – leaves, newspaper, rocks…and often nothing at all.

Read more

Clues, maps and lots of fun at Truro College

Truro College students have been busy again organising fundraisers at school!

Read more

Happy National Earth Day!

Uganda is a beautiful and luscious country. The Bududa district (where we work) is in the Eastern part of the country. Read more

Hip Hip Hooray – They did it!

Education is paramount for the development of any community and also a key step out of poverty. We here at Shelo, have been supporting our children in attending both primary and secondary school since 2012. Through the funds our supporters raise, we provide our children with uniforms and stationary necessary to attend school but also we pay their school fees and exam fees.

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Food and fun at Truphone London

The work place doesn’t always have to be all work no play – Truphone have showed us that!  Read more