It’s easy, it’s secure ,it’s free and it’s here!!

Donate the Change’s contactless accessory are live and ready to be ordered! We can hardly contain our excitement!

And the best bit? You can get your hands on one for FREE!


Tired of fumbling around looking for your card when paying for your bus or your coffee? Well paying can be as easy as the tapping of your wrist with a DTC contactless bracelet or keyring.

And what’s more, when making this payment you will automatically trigger a small donation to The Shelo Foundation!

So how does it work?
All you need to do is set out how much you’d like to donate each time you use your contactless accessory on your online account – maybe you would want to round up to nearest pound or add on 50p to each purchase – you are in control!

You can also set a monthly cap so you don’t ever donate more than you expected to!

So for example, you choose to donate by rounding up to the nearest pound. You then do a grocery shop and pay your £22.55 bill using your donate the change accessory and 45p goes straight to the Shelo Foundation!
Of course you have the power to change the amount which is donated at any time. It is all about suiting you and making donating to your favourite charity easier.

This new, innovative way of purchasing is simple, safe, secure and puts charitable giving at the heart of everyday spending!

Sign up now here!