Today is international day of the girl child – a day to celebrate girls, to support girls and encourage their progress as equals in this world!

At the Shelo Foundation we are very strong believers in girl power!!
We know how important it is for our young Ugandan girls to receive an education along side the boys in their community.

However we have also seen how difficult it can be for girls to achieve this in the Bududa district – as well as many other developing areas of the world.

This is for a number of reasons but culture is a big issue. Girls are often solely thought of as child bearers and wives. 1 in 3 girls in developing countries are married off before the age of 18. This not only means they miss out on an education, it also has proven to make them more vulnerable to sexual and violent abuse. They also become mothers before being psychologically and even physically prepared.

In developing areas families may only have enough money to send only one child in the family to school and because of culture it is often the boy child that is selected.

The Shelo Foundation supports 147 girl children.
We are tackling the barriers that stop them going to school providing them with school materials, uniforms and fees. We educate them, all of our boys and their families on gender equality. We provide support to our girls as they grow up, speaking to them about puberty and providing hygienic sanitation.

We believe in equality for girls in all aspects of life – education, respect, jobs.

Let us celebrate the girls of the world today!!

Primary school Shelo Girls


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